Mars Markets is a fusion of music and finance designed to celebrate and support artistic talent. Our mission is to revolutionize music investment by transforming passion into partnership by connecting artists with their fans. We are dedicated to simplicity and transparency and have created a platform where investing in music is as accessible and rewarding as enjoying it.

We continuously innovate and improve our services to both artists and investors, ensuring that every interaction with our technology, services, and people is enjoyable, intentional and equitable.

Together, we want to make an artist’s success a shared triumph, and continue bringing new music into the world.

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Invest in your favorite artists

On Mars, fans become investors. Here you can combine the potential of human creativity and the power of fundraising in a platform where music artists and their fans can navigate the business of music.

This is the next evolution of investing.
This is Mars Markets.
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mars for Shareholders

Invest in artists

Mars Markets integrates fans who want to see creators maximize their potential into the very fabric of the music business.
  • Invest in the artist directly, not just in catalogs or publishing.
  • Get access to the epicenter of the music business.
  • Unlock unique insights and real time in-depth data on artists.
  • Connect artists and members through a regulated platform.
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informed insights

Real Time Data
See everything from streaming metrics, to social media followers and engagement, to concert and merchandise analytics.
Artist Career Stages
Track artists on their creative journey with real time data and graphs. Learn more about Artist Stages in our FAQ section.
the platform

Why mars is different

We are A regulated PLATFORM.
Securities offered through Ahana Markets, LLC, SEC registered broker-dealer, member FINRASIPC.

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New York Born and Built.
We are New York City based and our team is located in the US. New York City is home to Wall Street and the music industry. New York City inspired us to build Mars.
shareholder meetings
Gain access to exclusive shareholder meetings to hear about upcoming artist news, projects, plans, listen to new music and network with other shareholders.

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“I'm not a business man, I'm a business, mannn”

- Jay z

mars for artists

Capitalize on your creative journey.

Mars seeks to revolutionize the music industry. On Mars, artists are able to structure their enterprises, allocate revenue streams, and translate artistic value into their Ticker. This turns fans into direct investors of the creative journey. Artists also have access to resources and advisory tools to help build potentially profitable and sustainable businesses. Mars is the gateway to financial opportunity and creative freedom.
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How does Mars work?

First, Mars' team of music experts identifies an artist to connect with Ahana Markets (“Ahana”), an affiliated SEC registered broker-dealer. Ahana works together with the artist team to assess investment viability. After historical financial analysis, and thorough due diligence, Ahana along with the artist’s team, structures the offering. Offerings can consist of a variety of income streams (this is shown on the Artist’s offering page, and further detail can be found in the formal offering documents).

What exactly am I investing in?

High-level breakdown of investment composition is available on each Artist’s offering page, and further detail can be found in the Offering Circular. Investments can be composed of a number of revenue streams from each artist.

Is Mars a broker-dealer?

Mars is not a broker-dealer. Mars has an affiliated broker-dealer, Ahana Markets, LLC. Ahana is the exclusive placement agent and is registered with the SEC and a member of FINRA and SIPC. For more information, please visit

How are Mars investments structured?

Examples of possible income streams an artist may have:

  • Recorded Music
  • Streaming, CDs, Vinyl
  • Features/Appearances: artists sing/rap on other artists’ songs for a portion of the royalties
  • Live Shows/ Touring: concerts live and streaming
  • Publishing: Written songs and melodies for artists; music for producers
  • Merchandise: Selling of branded, signed, or exclusive items owned and/or created by the artist
  • Endorsements: Attaching a name, image, likeness, or brand to another party’s products or services
  • Ventures: Investing either their own money, name, image or likeness or brand to products or services from companies in exchange for equity or at least participation in resulting revenue.
How is it determined what offerings will be made available? 

Artist offerings are subject to extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis by financial professionals and prior to listing for investment on Mars.

Can any artist conduct a primary offering on Mars?

No, Ahana performs extensive due diligence before deciding to list an offering. If you are an artist, manager, or agent interested in listing on Mars, please contact us at 

Are there risks associated with these investments?

Yes. Just like any investment, returns are never guaranteed. Some of the risks associated with investing in private placements are:

  • Highly speculative
  • Risk of losing entire investment
  • Lack of liquidity
  • Longer investment horizon required
  • Lack of available historical performance history
Is my investment account protected?

For more information on SIPC, please go to

What does career stage and recent momentum mean?

Career Stage:

  • Legendary: Top 1.2K artists having releases > 30 years ago.
  • Superstar: Top 1.2K artists having releases < 30 years ago.
  • Mainstream: Top 2K-8K artists.
  • Mid-Level: Top 8K-30K artists.
  • Developing: All other artists.

Recent Momentum:

  • Explosive growth: Furthest above the average, i.e., 8+ standard deviations above mean.
  • High growth: Second furthest above the average, i.e., 3-8 standard deviations above mean.
  • Growth: Third furthest above the average, i.e., ~3 standard deviations above mean.
  • Even: Closest to the average, i.e., ~0 standard deviations above mean.
  • Decline: Below the average or mean.

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